Making TV content easier to discover

We have just submitted a big update of our TV content discovery app “Screen” to Apple. 

Photo of an iPhone showing the Screen TV guide app
Screen will be available on iPhone!  Out Now!

For the past year we have been working on our iPad app “Screen”. It is still considered a pet project here in the Gourmet Pixel studio but this week it has received a great update and is ready for download now!

Screen is a very simple idea; why search through thousands of shows and hundreds of channels in EPGs, TV Guides or TV guide apps when only a small number of those shows are actually of interest to you? There should be an easier way, we think there is and that lead to Screen.

By simply choosing the genres you are interested in, Screen tailors the content to your tastes. Love Sport and Soaps? Just choose those genres to see what is on. Hate Food shows or News? Then don’t select them and you wont see them.

To further enhance and tailor the platform to your tastes, you can swipe left on any show to dislike it. Once disliked, Screen will never display that show again - allowing you to just find shows you do like. If you like a show - swipe right, Screen will learn from that information.

Number One improvement in this new version is that the app is now universal, so works on iPhone too! It looks super slick on the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Not only does that mean more people than ever can discover TV content in a new intuitive and personalised way, they can also enjoy that experience on either of their devices.
This lead to improvement Number Two: iCloud Syncing. If you edit your genres, or dislike a show whilst on iPhone at work or on your commute - the changes will reflect on your iPad when you load it up at home in front of the TV.

We have a HUGE amount of features and improvements we still wish to make, but these will be incremental and based upon user feedback over time. This is still a project for us, but we have big dreams for it in the future – especially with the introduction of Apple Watch and the always rumoured Apple TV.

Screen works for viewers of SKY, Virgin Media, Freeview and FreeSat in the UK (we hope to expand this in the future).