TV content discovery for the 21st Century, Screen learns the user’s preferences to provide them with a highly personalised guide.

Screen app UI on iPad

TV made simple

There are hundreds of channels and thousands of shows on TV. Most people just watch the channels they already know in the hope there may be something of interest on to watch.

Each week a typical SKY customer has access to a possible 419 channels, 26,000 shows and 6.5 years worth of content!

How do you navigate all that content to find something you like? Using ugly cumbersome EPGs, TV Guide apps or magazines showing you a big grid of absolutely every show that is airing over the next week – EVERYTHING! And you have to trawl through it all in the hope something might take your fancy.

We think this is madness, so set about to change it and create an intuitive, simply platform that learns from you and only displays content that you will want to actually watch.

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Tailored to you

Screen is simple. You let us know what genres you are interested in and we display categorised shows that are airing in the next 3 hours. There is also a section that displays shows within those genres starting in the next 30 minutes.

By swiping the show left if you dislike and right if you like, our platform learns from you and adjusts the content it displays, tailoring to your tastes and preferences.

Within a short period you will be able to view only shows that you will like or have an interest in. The rest of the thousands of shows that you do not care for, will not display.

Genre menu of Screen app on iPhone

Choose your Genres

Love soaps? Want to know when you can get your next fix of Coronation Street or Eastenders? Then select the Soaps genre to view just what soaps are on.

Hate Sport? then simply leave off the sport genre and Screen will never bother you with Football, Golf or even Weightlifting ever again.

It is a very simple tool, that you can adjust at any time - but it rids you of the boredom that is searching through absolutely everything on the programme guides.
This allows you to just see what is on that you actually have an interest in.

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screenshot of Screen app for iOS

Like / Dislike

Love soaps but hate Emmerdale? Simply swipe it left and you wont see it again.

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Tap for info

Tap a show to reveal more information, episode details or movie synopsis.

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View Trailers

Some shows feature trailers, to give you a better idea of what it is all about.

screenshot of Screen app for iOS

Set reminders

See a show you like? Set a reminder and the app will alert you 5 minute before it airs.